تكنولوژي CMOS

سايز 1.5

طول سيم 3 متر (قابل ارتقا تا 10 متر)

ضد آب

سطح روشنايي4096 حالت

دقت 25 lp/mm

قابليت ضدعفوني و شنستشو

كيفيت تصوير 1650*1200

داراي سه لايه Fiber Optic , scintillator , Shok Absorption براي بهبود كيفيت تصوير

بدون جعبه كنترل

18 ماه گارانتي و 10 سال خدمات

نصب رايگان و آموزش پرسنل و پشتيباني 24 ساعته

ارسال رايگان

ارزش خريد بالا

ساخت فرانسه

اطلاعات تكميلي :

New Type X-ray Sensor Dental Digital RSV5 Visiodent Sensor

System Description:
RSV5 is a modern digital imaging solution for intraoral dental radiography. Its advanced CMOS technology provides excellent image quality. For patient comfort, the ergonomic design is based on human intraoral anatomy.

RSV5 is a digital X-ray imaging system designed specifically for dental radiography within the oral cavity. The system captures X-ray images and makes them available for display and storage across your computer network.

RSV5 is connected by a “USB A” cable to a compatible Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC. RSV5 is provided the power from PC. Support for the RSV5 is provided by compatible software program: Visiodent Imaging.
The RSV5 includes a detachable holder that can be mounted on the wall or other stable surface.

The RSV5 comes with the following features:
1. Excellent image quality based on advanced CMOS technology
2. More comfortable sensor ergonomic design for Human Morphology
3. High sensitivity for lower X-ray
4. Enhanced durability
5. Easy-to-use USB interface

Detector Structure———-CMOS Photodiode Array
Dimension(W*L*T)———— Size1.5: 1.55*1.15*0.19 inch(39.5*29.2*4.8mm)
Pixel Pitch———————- 0.0296mm
Active Pixel Array:————–Size1.5: 1115*810 pixels(33.00*23.98mm)
Grayscale—————–4096 gray levels
Resolution—————-Normal Resolution Mode: 16.89 lp/mm(theoretical)
USB Calbe length between Controller and PC: 2.7m
Operation mode—————Global shutter
Amtient Temperature————10ºC to 30ºC(Usage) -20ºC to 60ºC(Transportation and Storage)

قيمت:سيزده ميليون و پانصد هزار تومان

كانال تلگرام : https://t.me/dentshop




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